Kyoto about 1000 years ago

Kyoto about 1000 years ago

I visited the "Heian-kyo Souzoukan" to see Kyoto as it was about 1,000 years ago. There is a diorama of Heian-kyo here.

This time, it is a diorama of "Hosho-ji Temple" as "Okazaki also had such a thing". Okazaki Zoo today - its surroundings Only the name of the place remains today.

Not only this Hosho-ji temple, but also the Sai-ji temple next to the To-ji temple, and many other structures that were built in those days but no longer exist. If all of them had remained, Kyoto would be the biggest theme park in the world today...I wonder if the center of the city itself would be like a theme park. Even today, there are many famous places in this small area...Kyoto would have become a very attractive place...but there would be no more places to live.

In this era, there must have been craftsmen who made Kyoto's white miso (Saikyo miso), and they must have been researching what miso would taste better, what miso the Omiya people (court nobles) would like, and so on. Mizuo's yuzu (a type of citron) was also grown at that time, and it has been passed down from generation to generation.

In those days, there must have been more necessary things to grow than yuzu. It makes me think that there might have been a lot of room to grow more than citrons. Considering the fact that these magnificent buildings were all over the place, there must have been a lot of workers to build them, and the economy must have been moving.

You can find out the truth to some extent by researching. I think it is one of the ways to enjoy history, to interpret it in one's own way without restraint...