Looking at Kyoto from above

Looking at Kyoto from above

Today, with the availability of accurate maps, the entirety of Kyoto can be seen at a glance from above. When you think about it, how could people in the past decide to build such a vast capital when all they could do was walk around and see it? It is astounding.

When most people imagine Kyoto, it is contained within the diagram below. According to Wikipedia, "The term Kyoto today refers in a broad sense to the prefecture of Kyoto, and in a narrower sense to the city of Kyoto, the municipality that serves as its seat, or the area in the center of the city."

In fact, the central area of Kyoto City is only large enough to ride a bicycle (or even a mama bicycle) around the city in a day. Such a small area is packed with a treasure trove of history and culture.

We hope you too will experience Kyoto's profound charms.