Arashiyama hiking trail

Arashiyama hiking trail
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Walk a little ahead of tourist spots

There are many foreigners on this route

Get off at JR Hozukyo Station ⇒ Torokko Hozukyo Station ⇒ Toward the mountain path that branches near the top of the road over Mt. Ogura ⇒ Ogurayama summit ⇒ Arashiyama Park (an area with Okochi Sanso and a bamboo grove)

If you follow a safe paved road without going to the mountain road, you will reach Adashino Nenbutsu-ji Temple.

The slope of Rokucho Pass is quite steep, but the overall distance is short, so I think you should take your time and walk slowly. After almost descending Mt. Ogura, many people enter the sightseeing spot "Arashiyama".

Afterwards, walks, meals, and hot springs (there is Arashiyama Onsen for day trips)